Jessica Robertson

Storytelling With Light

Live Demo with Model


Sunday 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM



Have you ever had a concept for an image in your head but were unable to capture that image with your camera?  In many instances, this is due to a lack of control of light.  During Jessica’s class, she will explore the process of creating a concept for a portrait, planning lighting that is appropriate and storytelling, and then demonstrate various techniques with the use of models.  With an in depth look at why certain modifiers are helpful in sculpting the light for certain subjects, Jessica will explain her thought process behind using a one to four light setup.  Jessica takes her role as a visual storyteller very seriously and one of her favorite tools is the lighting she creates.  Taking the process one step further, she will explain how she photographs for selling her portraits while still behind the lens.  A purposeful process for profitability!


About The Speaker

Jessica Robertson is a true believer in authentic portraiture.  Her most powerful tool in storytelling photography is her use of light.  With over 15 years experience, Jessica attributes her consistent yearly growth and her reputation as the premier senior portrait photographer in the area to three things; her commitment to her core values, her pragmatic business philosophy, and her belief in continuing education. Jessica has earned her Masters of Photography, Associate Fellow of Photography, and Fellow of Photography degrees. This year, Jessica has also received her Master Craftsman degree and is in the process of  becoming an PPA Affiliate Judge. Since Jessica started competing in national print competition in 2010, her work has been included in the esteemed Loan Collection eight times and she has won Photographer of the Year seven times.