Entering Digital Images For Competition
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Digital submission only

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Entering your digital images for state competition is straightforward, but there are some rules you need to follow to ensure that your images adhere to competition requirements. Please make sure to read this section and documents carefully, as registering your images is your agreement to these terms and adherence to these requirements is the sole responsbility of the image maker and failure to do so can result in disqualification.

Requirements Summary
(make sure to click on the document links below for official competition requirements):

  • A maximum of 6 images or albums may be submitted (if submitting images and albums, no more than 6 combined may be entered). Only your top scoring 4 images will be considered for awards.
  • Submission fee: $20 per image (you also need an account with printcompetition.com. They require a minimal fee for annual subscription which provides access to all competition images, or you may purchase a quarterly premium membership that allows access to audio of judges on images that were challenged from any competition)
  • Images (what is also known as a Case) must be registered and paid in full by Thursday February 7th at 6:00PM MST. No exceptions allowed!
  • Digital images must be sized at 4000 pixels along the longest dimension.
  • Digital Images will be judged on monitors calibrated to White Point:D65, Brightness:120 Cm/d2, Gamma: 2.2. You may want to therefore calibrate your monitor to those specifications when preparing your image to ensure a similar viewing experience. Excellent tutorials on exactly how to prepare your digital images for competition (as per national PPA specifications) can be found at http://www.ppa.com/competitions/content.cfm?ItemNumber=1485  You will also want to have an embedded color profile of sRGB or Adobe1998 (this is also explained in video).
  • You may not enter more than one image containing the same subject or person
  • Images entered can NOT have been created during an instructor led workshop
  • Entrant certifies that he/she has created, composed and made the original exposures and that the processing and any special effects and/or digital manipulations were done by or under his/her direction. A loss of 5 exhibition print merits will be incurred if this statement is false.
  • Entrant agrees to hold AzPPA harmless against any liabilities or claims arising out of the display, publication, promotion or other use of photographs or other material submitted.
  • An album or digital image that has already merited at a previous AZ State Competition can not be re-entered.

Click Here For Complete State Competition Regulations


Steps In Registering For Image Competition
(You can register for image competition before you have any images to upload) 

1) To submit digital images for competition, you must prepare each digital image so that it is 4,000 pixels on its longest side. Each digital file must contain an embedded color profile of either sRGB or Adobe1998 and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10 (or 90%). Total file size should not exceed 7.5MB

2) Click on the 'Register Your Images Now' link below

3) Go to 'User Logon' and click on 'Register New User'. Enter your email address, select AzPPA and make sure to fill out ALL information asked during this process.

4) When asked to enter user information, make sure to select the appropriate responses to PPA Member, Master Photographer, ASP Member and CPP Member. These are important to determine which award categories you may be eligible for. If you do not select these qualifiers correctly, you will not be eligible for those related awards.


5) Click on the AzPPA Tab to select AzPPA as the image competition you are entering.

6) Select what member category you are for AzPPA (Member, Non-Member, Out-Of-State Member).

7) Select if this is the first time you are entering an Image Competition (this must be the first time you are entering ANY image competition from PPA, PPA Districts, or any PPA Affiliate).

8) Click on Pay Fee. You will then be prompted to enter payment into PayPal. If you have a PayPal account already you may pay with just your email address and password. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can click on 'pay by credit card' and enter your credit card information. When finished, click on Return To Arizona Professional Photographer Association Website'. You may also want to print a receipt first, although you will receive a paid receipt once completed with this step.

9) Start uploading your images by clicking on 'Create New Image Entry'. Make sure to enter your Title, Category (i.e. Open Portrait, Open Illustrative, etc.). Certify that all digital effects were done by the image maker or under the direct supervision of the image maker.

10) You will then be prompted to upload a digital file of the image. 

11) Repeat Step 10 until a maximum of 6 digital images have been uploaded.

12) You are now finished and do not need to do anything further.


Register Your Images Now


Limited to 200 entries

If you have any questions on print competition or the steps needed to register and submit your entrees, please contact Bob Zimmerlich.