Rob Behm


The Edge Of Light (with outdoor demo)

Sunday 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM 


Sponsored by H&H Colorlab

Join Rob Behm, PPA President for a demonstration of lighting the Bride on location using off camera techniques.

Today wedding’s are held almost everywhere, except a church! This can create
all kinds of new challenges at every wedding for the photographer who wants to
create consistently quality images. Hotels, wedding event centers and bed &
breakfasts have become the “normal” for wedding locations.

Rob will show you the fundamentals that support his approach to lighting in every
location and will discuss his philosophy of working with the Bride to pose, and
light her in the most flattering way using speed-lights. The psychology, the
execution and the final results will all be discussed. Rob’s techniques do not
require elaborate equipment or set-up’s, you can keep it simple!

Come along for an educational experience and watch him Rob do a live
photography session and make a variety of portraits both indoors and out.



About The Speaker

Rob Behm,M.Photog.Cr.,CPP

Rob is a certified Career and Technical teacher in Washington state, and holds
the PPA Master Of Photography and Craftsman degrees for photographic education. He has been awarded
Washington’s best Bride trophy 5 times during his career, and has personally
photographed over 500 weddings. He has owned and operated Valley Studio
of photography in Spokane for 31 years.